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This is a total WASTE of your MONEY…. I wasted mine and I beyond disappointed! I completed my resume and most of the information DID NOT come across.. FIRST of ALL so I thought it was something that I did.. THEN I decided to purchase the APP thinking I needed to have those features so that ALL of my information would appear WRONG… still didnt happen…. I contacted the “” DEVELOPERS”” oh you can ONLY reach my “” EMAIL””… you think a DEVELOPER would respond”” WRONG””” all I got was CRICKETS… this is A HORRIBLE APP, its MISleADING and it does NOT work…… DON’T waste YOUR MONEY.. having a GOOD RESUME is so important and for a DEVELOPER to scam US out of $15.99 is BAD BUSINESS…..I requested a REFUND.. NOPE didn’t get it…..!

Email ID Bug

Got this and right out of the gate - the email ID would not accept an operational and verified email which I have tried to enter. I could not get past entering the contact information so unable to go any further. I will be happy to revisit once this problem is resolved.

Disappointing! Attention developer: Lots of bugs

I’ve purchased this app hoping to build a decent resume and possibly an impressive looking one by purchasing the templates. After placing all my details, using the default and simple template, the preview shows that everything looks well aligned. But upon applying the different designer templates Ive purchase, several of the entries are either missing or not left/ right justified. Theres no option to change the fonts and colors of the templates.

This app is garbage

I just wasted a couple hours trying to build a resume with this horrible program. It has almost no user interface, you’re left to guess what you’re supposed to do most of the time. when i was finally done, teh resumes it delivered were utter crap! do not waste your time with this app, get someone to write you resume professionally, like i’m about to...

Pretty good

There’s a few things I wish were changed. Firstly, I wish there was more than one template to work with. Secondly, I wish you could make the “:” at the end of titles move closer to the end. For example, instead of “Skills :”, it’d be nice if you could move the “:” and make it “Skills:”. I also wish you could save as a word document, it seems to only be able to save as a .pdf (which is fine), except for some websites you have to copy and paste the resume because they do not support attachments, and if you copy and paste the .pdf it makes it messy. Nonetheless, it is free, and as such I still have to give it 5* because it is better than the few other resume creators I have tried on the AppStore. Kudos to the developers.

Got stuck in Diplomas!

App. would not accept my certifications and promted me to degrees drop down, like bachelors and masters, that I dont have. I couldnt change them. it wouldnt let me continue in my own words, with my certifications; did not recognize HVAC! Stupid, useless.


I chose a basic template and thought the three choices I was given were unattractive. What’s really annoying are the little square boxes distributed throughout my resume that I don’t know how to remove. Would appreciate my money back at this point or have some more up-to-date choice regarding font and display.


Great to use, should be more flexibility in the formats though.

Decent but killer flaw

It is fairly simple to use and straightforward, so it will probably work for most people out there. But there is one killer flaw that is stopping me from paying for the templates and using the app. While I can add the title of the company worked at, there is literally no way to add the title of your job at the company. You could jam it in the same line as the company name, but it looks like a hack, and if the title is long, it rolls right into the date you worked there. Something that needs to be fixed before it works for me.

A recruiter wouldn’t waste ten seconds looking at your resume

The app is so inflexible (no way to use bold, italics, indentation or any customization) that unless this is the resume you’re looking for: Val-Mart (1967-2014) - Shelf Stocker (1967-1969) - In the above role, which I cannot indent or indicate that it was my title, I stocked shelves - Senior Shelf Stocker (1969-1973) - __In the above role I stocked more shelves, but I swear it’s more senior__ - //// I did things, but since there’s no way to highlight any of the things I as a Senior Shelf Stocker, just keep reading //// - PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANY, VAL-MART - I KNOW IT’S NOT REALLY HIGHLIGHTED HERE BUT I’M CURRENTLY A BILLIONAIRE SO PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Yal-Mart (2014-2015) - Shelf Stocker Team Lead - And so forth.. You’ll probably disappointed. If this is what you’re looking for, you’re already a billionaire, so go ahead and download this app, because you don’t need a job anyway.

pretty good app

This is a pretty good app I used it to update my resume. It is simpe and straight to the point.



A few new touches, a critical fix, but still a few notable omissions

I just updated from 1.3 to 1.4.1, and I immediately noticed a few differences, some of which add little to no value, and a few which are nice touches. More important than what was added is what was NOT added (more on that below) One nice touch is the ability to quickly reorder the sections of the resume on the ‘Options’ portion of the interface. For example, I can drag ‘Experience’ below ‘Education’ and vice versa at my leisure. I don’t see why they couldn’t include this ability on other screens, though. For instance, the ability to reorder the experience details associated with a particular company name would be useful. Sometimes when adding the details for a particular company comes through brainstorming and, when all the details are entered, there is often a desire to move the details around. Adding the checkbox to include “References available upon request’ is not meaningful. The inclusion of this comment is rather antiquated, and I daresay that the employer assumes that references would be available if so requested. to reorder the experience details associated with a particular company name. I also hoped that 1.4 would include the ability to indent a bullet. Not everyone would agree with me, but I think it’d be useful to be able to have “lesser” bullets under some higher-level bulleted headings. Other useful functionality would include the ability to have multiple job titles - and associated start/end dates - within a particular company. I worked in a company for 14 years, and was promoted twice during that time. I’d like to be able to show that my initial job title lasted from A to B, that my next title lasted from B to C, and that my final title lasted from C to D. I do welcome the worthy addition in 1.4 of the lower-case ‘i’ (for information) at the top of the ‘Options’ tab of the interface. Clicking on ‘i’ opens a new tab with user documentation, including screenshots, which is useful. However, in the last screenshot However, the best improvement - at least, as I perceive thus far - is that individual words are no longer being split up as the bullet point scrolls to the next line. In 1.3, as a bullet point nears the right margin, the final word was often split, even to the point that every letter but one would appear on the first line of the bullet, with the final letter of that word appearing by itself on the next line. Of course, that was horrible. I haven’t put this to the test extensively after my update, but my initial perception is that this has been fixed. If so, a significant improvement there. Interestingly, the screenshot showing a sample resume [at the end of the new “user information” functionality] happens to feature a sample resume with the old feature of the final word being split up at the right margin. More quality control in generating the user information might be in order.

Simple but frustrating.

Allow for more characters, if you enter a paragraph for a bulliten point it will cut words in half to go to the next line.

Great Idea .. Bad Implementation

I can’t even enter my contact information! You’re limited to 14 Characters on your address line … that’s not enough for my street name and house number!

Very helpful app, could use a little improvement

Application provides a very user friendly interface to create a very simple Resume. Has a few problems that if addressed, would make this an awesome app: 1.) Allow for the creation of Misc. catagories by the user. Ex: After the “references” tab, allow for the user to create a category of his/her choosing. 2.) Allow for users to input “References available upon request” instead of requiring information to be input. Otherwise, a great app for creating a no-frills resume.

Waste of time

Read these reviews. This thing is a waste of time I installed it and tried it. Pointless app..i I could have purchased some additions to it but was to annoyed to waste money on it.

Still Writing Resumes

This app is alomost worthless. You can do better off the web without a download.

review dont use


Won’t save my work

The app won’t save the contact info that I submit therefore it won’t let me on to the next step… 1 star.

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